Wells Fargo is Freezing ALL accounts for Chapter 7 Debtors

In In re Weidenbenner, 1 the joint Chapter 7 debtors filed a bankruptcy petition on March 7, 2014 listing four deposit accounts at Wells Fargo Bank as exempt personal property. On March 12, the Bank implemented an administrative freeze on all four accounts pursuant to the Bank’s internal policy. At the same time, the Bank contacted the Chapter 7 trustee to request instructions concerning the.

In most bankruptcy cases, the debtors have enough exemptions to allow them to keep all funds remaining in their bank or credit union accounts. Nonetheless, under some circumstances a bank or . . . Read More: Banks May Freeze Your Accounts After Bankruptcy Filing: Move It or Lose It

Wells says they are “helping” the bankruptcy trustee by denying you access to. to freeze bank accounts of debtors to preserve them for the bankruptcy trustee.

I understand that Wells Fargo will freeze bank accounts of chapter 7 filers. Is that only for people with $5000 or more? What about joint accounts where only one person filed chapter 7? If I have $.

Which leads me to a single, simple question: Are you people all nuts? It’s important to make it clear that Richards, despite his bad financial judgment in racking up a mountain of personal debt. He.

Although Wells Fargo appears to be the only bank freezing chapter 7 debtor’s bank accounts, other banks may follow suit. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon chapter 7 debtor’s attorneys to explain to their clients the potential risks that their accounts may be frozen for a period of time following the filing of their bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy can result in your bank freezing your account if you owe that bank money.. But now Wells Fargo and Wachovia (Wells bought Wachovia) have a policy. When you file bankruptcy, almost everything you have-all “legal and.

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The Writ was for $2,900. Wells Fargo had taken out $5,700 in which my account was zero out. I was told they sent the money to Wells Fargo Attorneys. Wells Fargo had kept garnishing my account after knowing I filed Chapter 7. I had child support deposted into my account in which Wells Fargo had garnished as well of a bank fees that brought my.