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 · In response to the crisis, Congress adopted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer protection act (dodd Frank Act) – a far reaching and comprehensive piece of legislation designed to respond to the root causes of the financial crisis and prevent a similar crisis in the future.

Howard C. Kunreuther is the James G. Dinan Professor; Professor of Decision Sciences and Business and Public Policy at the Wharton School, and co-director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center. He has a long-standing interest in ways that society can better manage low-probability, high-consequence events related to technological and natural hazards.

To widespread applause in the global markets and the news media, the US Federal Reserve appears poised to cut interest rates.

4 days ago. Panel Topic: The Insider Threat: How to Detect, Prevent, and Defend. on the Criminal Justice Act panel for the Eastern District of New York, She has particular expertise in fraud, anti-money laundering, tax and cybercrime matters.. including matters arising from the subprime mortgage crisis, such as.

These Simple Steps Could Prevent Another Financial Crisis . Search form.. to delay any interest rate hikes until next year, mainly because of fears of a slowing economy and the lack of need to.

It’s not a question that this could one day cause social conflict – it already is. the whole country is close to crisis,”.

 · The big threat is that the Fed will fully commit to preserving financial stability only after instability in the markets has triggered the next crisis.

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Preventing the Next Housing Crisis – {podcast} The kinds of loose-to-nonexistent mortgage requirements leading up to the financial crisis are not exactly making a comeback. But today some loans are brushing up close to the post-crisis.

In the race for the White House, housing seldom gets much attention – but. With California’s primary poised to play an unusually important role next year, and the state’s affordability crisis.

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Ten years ago, the United States was mired in a financial crisis that caused housing prices to plummet by almost a third. The challenge is that we can never know what exactly will trigger the next.